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Kalama ADU

STATUS: In Progress, 2019.

LOCATION: Kalama, Washington

ABOUT: Mother-in-Laws. This family wanted to give separate space to the Mother-in-Laws that live with the Clients. The Clients have 12 forested Acres, up in the hills above Kalama, Washington. They are far enough that you don’t have any cell phone service. The perfect getaway after a long day of work. I digress . . . the Clients wanted the ADU to be simple and practical, but also not confining. So we oriented the building to take advantage of the forest views for the Bedrooms with separate decks, and the Living Room, Kitchen and Laundry spaces are towards the front with vaulted ceilings and dormers that funnel light into the common spaces. Combined with the front porch, it gives the ADU a nice little farmhouse feel

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